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Zaazu Emoticons - Wordpress Plugin

The only plugin for wordpress that gives you access to a variety of smileys created by ZaaZu.com. ZaaZu Smiley Emoticons is a Wordpress Plugin that offers amazing and unique smileys for your blog. With these wonderful and crazy smileys you'll be able to easily integrate smileys to your posts, pages and comments. It is easy to install, configure and integrate. Get the best for your blog. HD smileys with expressions such as love,happy, sad and more!


  • Set of 96 special smileys, designed by artists for zaazu.com
  • Management of smileys and emoticons on its own page at administration section
  • Smileys can be directly replaced be the image tag
  • Human-friendly smileys names, easy to remember and use
  • Zaazu Emoticons adds its own smileys dialog to editor at administration section with easy to navigate windows for inserting smileys
  • Supports both .png, .gif and .jpg smileys
  • Integrates into comments box when your visitors post comments on your pages
  • Allows you to control individually set of smileys that will be visible on your blog


Zaazu Emoticons (v 1.0.0)


  1. Upload the contents of the zip archive to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/, keeping the directory structure intact (ie zaazu-emoticons.php should end up in wp-content/plugins/zaazu-emoticons/)
  2. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen
  3. Visit the configuration page (Zaazu Emoticons) to configure the plugin (optional)


Qestion: Zaazu Emoticons does not work with comments. What now?
Answer: Please, check and double check that you uploaded plugin to correct folder (ie wp-content/plugins/zaazu-emoticons/) and activated plugin at plugins section of wordpress. Please also check that id tag of your texarea on page is still "comment". It can usually be changed if you changed your theme.

Qestion: My smilies are gone? What's Wrong?
Answer: Plase check and double check the path to your smiley directory.


List of all Emoticon (first part) List of all Emoticon (second part)
Settings page at administration section List of Emoticons when posting comment at client section


v 1.0.0 - Initial release.

Love, Movie, Happy