101 Cutes Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Girlfriends like attention from their men. They thrive on the sweet nothings you say to them.

You will not go wrong. Your sweet nothings will bring a smile to her face and tug at her heartstrings.

As you grow in confidence, become more creative and dare to say sweet things to her over the phone and then when you are alone with her.

Girls love boys with a sense of humor and the day you are able to relate a funny story in a gathering you will be her hero for life.

Once you get started you’ll be surprised how cheerful you become by saying sweet and sexy things to your girlfriend.

Here is a list of 101 cute things you can say to your girlfriend.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Happy

#1. Hello beautiful!

#2. Hello Sunshine!

#3. Wow! You’re looking gorgeous!

#4. Mmmuah!

#5. Look at you!

#6. You look absolutely stunning!

#7. Honey, have you lost weight?

#8. Losing weight looks kinda hot on you babe…

#9. Honey, I love your new look but baby don’t starve yourself.

#10. Your skin is glowing.

#11. Lemme skip the office and let’s do something to make your skin glow.

#12. Luscious lips…muaaaah!

#13. Is that a smaller size you’re wearing?

#14. Lemme lift you in my arms.

#15. You are looking so ravishing!

#16. I wanna smell you.

#17. Come over, the first thing I wanna see is your lovely face.

#18. OMG! Look at those legs, do they ever end?

#19. Wrap me in your arms.

#20. Wrap those legs around me now.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend in a Text

#21. Thinking of you makes me hard.

#22. I can’t get you out of my head.

#23. You were so wet and tight yesterday.

#24. Your scent is making me lose control.

#25. I smell you, are you close by.

#26. 69 we did last time is making me thirsty again.

#27. You are a helluva rider, you know.

#28. Can you feel me inside you?

#29. I miss the connection. I wanna plugin.

#30. Why do you kiss so well?

#31. I wanna go down on you again…and again…

#32. I can hear your moans…am going, crazy baby.

#33. The only regret is…it was a quickie.

#34. I wanna look into your eyes forever.

#35. After meeting you, I hate sleeping alone.

#36. You are my lucky charm.

#37. You rode me so well last night, now it’s my turn

#38. I’ve bought you lingerie, wanna see you in it.

#39. Give me back my undies, I’ll get you new ones.

#40. You are addictive.

#41. I’m addicted to you, I’m checking into rehab.

#42. So, that was the twerk you practiced with me inside you. It was heavenly!

#43. You grind so well, my tool is acting so perky and twerky.

#44. You gave me the ride of my life.

#45. I never you there’s a cowgirl in you, wanna ride me tonite?

#46. I am sore from all the riding last night but little Johnny is all ready and raring to go.

#47. I can still feel you inside me. I can’t help twitching.

#48. I’ll give you back your panties on one condition, you let me taste you again tonite.

#49. Did you do your eyebrows? I remember something was different.

#50. I find it difficult to breathe when you are around, all tests reveal nothing abnormal.

#51. I’ll never walk behind you again, you distract me.

#52. When do I get to undress you…again?

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend in the Morning

#53. Let’s party…in bed.

#54. Hello, hottie…my heart is going crazy.

#55. Take it, easy sweetheart, I have a weak heart.

#56. Gimme a min, I’ll get you your morning cuppa!

#57. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

#58. Last night was a wicked workout hon…

#59. What are you doing to me, honey?

#60. How many times did I come last night?

#61. I’m all yours cupcake

Sweet Paragraphs to Say to Your Girlfriend


Till you came along, I was a shy introvert. Now, I am even more of an introvert but there is a difference.

When someone hits on you, and there are so many of them, I am all smiles and sympathetic too.

You are like an irresistible magnet. Men and even boys are secretly gazing at you and your every move.

I don’t know when I’m going to turn violent, such as the effect you have on me.


Jealous, me? I used to say but the way these guys are hitting on you, I feel a wave of violence rising up inside me.

Don’t you worry, I’m joining the gym this week or should I take up kungfu? You need protection baby.


Love me like I love you and I’ll love you even more…goes an old song.

How true… I missed you and your smile the whole of this vacation and that’s a worry.

If you are going out of the country for higher studies, I don’t know how I’ll manage.

Not to say, I can’t let you go. I believe if you truly love someone don’t try to be possessive.

Allow them to go and if they come back it means you were meant to be together. Only, it doesn’t sound so cool now.


The last 3 months with you have made me an addict. You are my fix, and I can’t think of anything other than you.

All my life goals, that I was pursuing like a man on a mission, have quietly receded to the background. The only aim, or so it seems is to be with you always.


Hey, do you miss me like I do. Like, yesterday in the midst of my presentation to clients my gig was going nice and smooth.

Suddenly I sensed your smell mixed with your favorite perfume, or so I thought.

It was the perfume that totally messed me up.

It distracted me so much I had to ask a subordinate to continue. Thereafter, I was left moping till I got your call and all was well again.


What have I got myself into? In the beginning, when I was lost in your sea of admirers, I used to be frustrated and depressed.

But now that you have accepted me another torturous affliction has taken hold of me.

When you look at me with those deep sea blue eyes, my heart pumps faster and I fear I may faint or suffer a stroke. That’s how bad it is.


All of yesterday, I missed important phone calls, did not open my email, ignored twitter, facebook, slack.

just because my antenna was up for your call or a text message and when I saw your message it felt like a drug addict getting his daily fix after a long wait.


I must admit I miss you. The first day I was able to manage, but since then it’s been a punishment.

Your messages only inflame me further. I WANT TO SEE YOU NOW, pardon my shouting.

My friend says you’ve been away only 26 hours.

It feels like a long year to me.


It was wonderful discussing our future yesterday. This morning I came to a decision. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

I haven’t been idle this morning. I have listed out 30 things I want us to do together in the next 3 years.

I am ready for your fairytale wedding and I don’t want to miss you.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Crush

#71. You came. I saw you saw. I’m conquered!

#72. I am guilty of stalking you, with my eyes.

#73. I wanna be with you.

#74. I wanna take you out for a cup of coffee.

#75. The sound of your heels in the hallway was sweet music to my ears.

#76. The way you walk can give a ballerina a run for her money, you simply float.

#77. Those eyes of yours can light up this city.

#78. The sound of your voice is like a careless whisper in my ears.

#79. You were so close yesterday, I couldn’t help inhaling your scent. It’s making me go wild.

#80. You should be wrapped in velvet, you were glittering like a diamond last night.

#81. Your nose ring is a distraction, I am unable to concentrate.

#82. Where did you get your waist tattoo done? It’s very cute, just like you.

#83. Will you let me take care of you…forever.

#84. I noticed you looking for someone last night, was it me?

#85. One of these days, I’m gonna kidnap you

#86. You are so delectable, sensual and sinfully delicious.

#87. Your allure is like a forbidden, secret delight.

#88. When you crossed your legs and looked at me, I was grateful there were people around.

#89. Where did you learn to walk the way you do, you walked straight into my heart.

#90. Do you know you walk like a queen? Confident to the point of arrogance, you simply glide.

#91. The off shoulder gown you wore was turning heads, did you notice?

#92. I noticed your feet yesterday. They are so small and dainty.

#93. I realized I have a foot fetish when I saw your lovely feet in the red sandals last night.

#94. I smelled your special musky scent and I am going mad.

#95. I surprised you at the gym yesterday and a whiff of your scent reached my nostrils. It’s driving me crazy.

#96. I am aroused when I hear your dulcet voice.

#97. You know why I love talking to you? It’s your throaty, whisper of a voice, what a sexy voice!

#98. I caught a glimpse of your armpits last evening. So cute and sexy.

#99. I love the sexy flesh around your waist, don’t you dare work it out at the gym.

#100. I love the way you tuck in your elbow when you run, you look so lovely and vulnerable.

#101. I love everything about your legs, particularly your filled out calves.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend When You Miss Her

#102. Don’t just text me, I miss your whispers.

#103. When am I going to see my angel divine, can’t wait much longer.

#104. You know what I miss about you? Your nonstop chatter.

#105. You know what I miss about you? The way you throw back your head and laugh at my silly jokes.

#106. I am haunted by your muffled giggles at my naughty antics in the silent movie theater last week.

Final Words

Keep saying sweet things to your girlfriend. You’ll see her become more cheerful and happy.

Your sweet nothings uttered in all sincerity will make her day. Also, you will realize how deeply you care for her.

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