21 Paris Travel Tips

Paris is one of the favorite tourist places to travel and enjoy city beauty.

Traveling from Eiffel tower to Palais Garnier to louver museum is a feeling you can’t describe in words.

If you are going the first time there are some tips that help you a lot whole journey.

Best Time to Travel Paris

#1. According to Weather

January to March

These are the coldest month in Paris. All-time the weather is chilly and dump. Clouds and rains are common but if you love this kind of weather than it is the best time to visit in Paris.

April to July

Starting of April there is some warming start feels in the air. But mostly the whole day you feel the freshness in the air. These are the time when you could take the full enjoyment of weather and places. Places are crowded than usual.

August to December

Humidity is started feeling in the air when August is entered. Temperature start dropping continue and rains are more common. If you love rainy days with some chilly evenings, then this is the best time for you.

#2. According to Festivals and Crowds

January to March

Lots of festivals happening whole year but if you want to witness some of the best festivals of these months like Grande Parade de Paris, Ice skating, Chinese new year, The Foire de Chatou Antiques Fair, etc. then it will be the right time for visiting. Crowds are normal.

April to July ( Month of Festivals)

yes, these are months where most popular festivals happen during that time, and a maximum number of tourist came in this season to attend the festival.

August to December

If you see then you will find that no of festival happening in these months are most(In Numbers), but these are not much popular worldwide. These months are less crowded in comparison to other months.

Tips for Things You Would Need to Carry With You

#3. Comfort Pair of Shoes

There is a different experience when you traveling a city on foot so having a comforting pair of shoes is highly suggested.

#4. Take Your Id Proof

Having a passport is another thing but when you visit a different country never forget to take an identity proof of yourself.

#5. Universal Charger

Always carry a portable charger along with you because many times different countries have different charging ports so having a universal charger help you to charge your phone.

#6. Note Down Your Hotel Address In Diary

Just for a backup write down hotel name and address in a small diary and carry with you because sometimes may due to an accident you forget your phone or lost your phone then at least you have an address of your hotel and from there at least you could take rest and after that take any action.

Paris Travel Tips for Staying and Wandering in Paris

#7. Book Your Hotel / Rooms in Advance

Before going check hotel rooms available in advance and book it.

#8. Don’t Choose a Remote Area

Some times when we trying to book your hotel so for a discount, we try to take a hotel in a remote area. So don’t just for saving a few bucks don’t aware of the problem that you could be facing when you arrive there.

#9. Learn Some France

Knowledge of the local language of there always gives the advantage to try to learn some words of France and use while traveling its make your trip more interesting and memorable.

#10. Check Festivals

When you plan your trip to make a list of festivals that going to be held on those months.Seeing any country festivals gives you a lot of knowledge and different things to enjoy.

#11. Make the List of Popular Places

Having a list always gives an extra advantage because you know which places you want to visit first and which one is popular there. So always make list according to your priority.

Paris Travel Tips for Locations in Paris

#12. Beware of Pickpockets

Never put your all cash money in one place. Because while traveling there is lots of chances of your wallet may be stolen by pickpocketers so always carry some cash in your wallet.

#13. Don’t book a Cab for Long Distance:

When you are booking a cab for long distance it takes a lot of charges instead of that try to use public transport for long route or go through the metro.

#14. Note Timing of Opening and Closing

Sometimes when we traveling we forget to take a look on opening and closing timing of that place so when we reach there we found it may be close or not open so instead of waiting always take a look on opening and closing timing of that place.

#15. Take Local Guide

When you traveling any historical place so always spent some bucks on hire a local guide that gives you better inside about that place and helps you to explore

#16. Don’t Be Busy in Clicking Photos

Maximum times when we visit any place so instead of enjoying we busy in trying to click pictures of ourselves in different positions and uploading in social media.

Paris Travel Tips for Food in Paris

#17. Book Restaurant in Advance

When you think to visit your favorite restaurant then try to book a seat in advance to avoid waiting.

#18. Make List of Famous Foods

Eating your favorite foods give you different kind of satisfaction but when you visiting a place like Paris never forget to make a list of all famous foods thing and try everything at least once.

#19. Use Credit Card

Always use your credit card while taking your bills because some credit card company gives a discount when swiping your card in a foreign country.

#20. Never Take Extra Food

Some people take food more than they want to eat and after eating the rest of reaming food left in their table. So don’t do that because of its not a good thing and also it makes your country name in vain.

#21. Try Street Foods

Like every country here in Paris some street food dishes are very delicious and worth eating so always try to eat some street food in Paris.


When are you going to visit Paris, let us know in the comments.

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