21 Signs He Wants a Relationship But is Scared

In the game of courtship, it is the man who does the chasing and it is the woman who plays hard to get. What if the roles are reversed?

A shy suitor may appear weak on the outside but probably on the inside, he is fighting very hard to free himself from shyness, nervousness and previous heartbreaks.

A smart woman can learn to read the signs, play along and slowly draw him out and when he is ready she can empower him to shed his inhibitions and start a long romantic relationship.

21 Signs He Wants a Relationship But is Scared

#1. The Weird Stare

You know you are being watched. It may feel weird but you love this feeling of being watched by an adorable male.

The long gaze is fixed on you as he savors everything you do or so, blissfully unaware that you are on to him.

You know that if you catch him staring at you, he is going to be embarrassed.

So you let him express his desire for you and wait for him to come out in the open

#2. Heartbreak

Assume he’s been heartbroken in previous relationships and doesn’t want a repeat of that.

Maybe, that’s why he doesn’t want to move in too fast and that’s a good sign.

Someone who closes in on you quickly may be actually be trying to use you and discard you. So, exercise patience and restrain yourself from rushing things.

Enjoy the attention and do whatever is required to keep him interested.

#3. Confusion

You have to contend with his struggle to control his emotions over you.

One moment you will sense him coming on strong and suddenly you will see him being supremely aloof. This can be very unsettling.

Don’t react in haste and respond to his overtures with maturity.

Secure in the knowledge that his interest in you is for a solid, long term relationship you should settle your nerves and be prepared for the long haul.

Expecting a quicker move from him by rushing things may only aggravate his fears of a breakup.

#4. He Likes Hanging Out With You

If he likes spending time with you and takes you out for games, coffee, dinner or just likes to chill around with you, pay attention for this will surely escalate into a serious relationship sooner, rather than later.

Just think, if his interest lay in a quick relationship with benefits on the side, would he spend so much time to be with you to just enjoy your company?

Rest assured, he is hoping to gain control over his feelings for you.

All you need to do is to play along and very soon he will succumb to your charms and utter those magic words that will confirm his romantic feelings for you.

#5. Shyness

You feel he adores you but is scared because he is shy or something about you is overwhelming for him.

Support him by showing your growing fondness for him by suggesting secret rendezvous with him where the two of you can be alone and allow him to open up to you.

Your support will help in creating a romantic relationship.

#6. Nervousness

Nervousness is a distant cousin of shyness.

An aroused male in the proximity of the object of his affection is painfully aware of the raw and uncontrollable energy that is coursing through his nerves.

He is aware that his nervousness is noticeable and since he doesn’t want to lose you, he is trying hard not to do or say something awkward in front of you.

Support him by pretending to be oblivious of his awkwardness and continue to show him that you care for him.

Soon the nervous energy will transform into reassuring confidence as he takes over the role of an ardent lover wooing his beautiful maiden.

#7. Passion

It’s very difficult to hide the passion for a girl whom one like.

If you notice that your shy suitor gets red in the face when he is near you, understand that he is going to be yours soon but allow him to overcome his awkwardness around you.

Compliment his efforts to normalize his behavior by ignoring his blushing and remaining calm and cool.

#8. Compliments Galore

Instead of declaring his love for you, he may choose to pay you compliments far more than you consider necessary.

Curb any tendency to cut him short by graciously accepting his compliments and wait for him to make his romantic intent known to you.

Just be sure the compliments are genuine.

#9. Preference for Texting

The timid lover may cloak his love for you by sending you text messages instead of calling up and talking.

You may find him tongue-tied around you but a flurry of messages may flood your inbox.

Instead of showing impatience, learn to treasure these love notes and play along.

He will surely graduate to be a more daring and doting lover soon enough.

#10. Does He Laugh Over Your Jokes

If he is laughing over your silly jokes, be sure he is growing fond of you.

Even the most verbally adept communicators seem to be at a loss of words when they are with someone they are in love with but haven’t told her yet.

What can one do when you find yourself in such a situation?

The real action will begin, the moment the passionate Romeo overcomes his diffidence and lays bare his heart to you.

It’s a waiting game and you have to gently push him away from his timidity and towards you.

#11. The Social Media Stalker

You will sense his presence and ardor when even the most inane posts from you on Facebook or Instagram will evoke ‘likes’ and emojis from him.

The attention from a favored suitor can be intoxicating and you can tease him into opening up to you by appreciating his affection for him by suggesting that the two of you meet up and spend time together.

#12. Dislike for Your Ex-boyfriends

One way of coaxing him out in the open is to start discussing your ex-boyfriends.

His dislike for them will be obvious.

He will tend to throw caution to the winds as he will seem to find his tongue to dissect and dispose off all of them by pointing out their defects.

It’s his way of indirectly telling you that only one man is worth your attention and that’s him.

#13. Fights

His inner fight to suppress his love for you may also manifest in the form of a fight that he will pick with you.

He hates himself for falling for you and this instigated fight is the last-ditch attempt at saving himself.

Don’t be alarmed.

Pretend to get angry and try to distance yourself from him and soon enough you will receive his apologies and his compliments will be renewed once again.

He will be drawn to you and you can silently gloat about your hold over him.

#14. Gifts and Presents

What he cannot express to you in words will find expression in very well thought out presents for you.

You’ll do well to enjoy this phase of his peculiar love for you and savor the benefits of an extended courtship.

Any attempt at forcing an admission of his feelings for you will only push him away.

So, the best way is to allow him to defeat himself.

#15. Unanswered Calls

You are aware that he is strongly attracted to you but your calls may not be answered.

instead of raising the issue, wait for him to call you and pat yourself on the back when those calls are for the most insignificant things.

You’ll be surprised by the erratic behavior of shy men in love but it will help you handle your own insecurities.

#16. Hates Romance

When he is with you his comments about romantic couples may suggest that he hates the word ‘romance’.

His derisive comments about the antics of couples in love should only confirm how deeply he is in love with you.

Depending on how well you are handling his vulnerable behavior you can challenge his notions and provoke a disagreement.

Impose a punishment on him by staying aloof and you will see a quick turn around as he apologizes and compliments his way back to you.

Just notice if he has abandoned his text message approach for the more direct verbal

#17. The Deserter

The shy admirer can spring a nasty surprise by jumping town.

You may have begun to feel more settled in your growing relationship when this happens.

Instead of panicking, show you don’t care and let him know of your interest in someone else.

Your feigned indifference and a strong counter move will result in him dropping all pretense and come running back to you.

#18. Takes You to The Games

The best give away is when he begins to love your company so much that he takes you to the games that he normally watches with his best male friends.

You know what to do. Enjoy the outing and let him enjoy the game.

and face to face communication.

Allow him to explain the game to you and resist the temptation to fill the long silent gaps by talking or asking questions.

This approach will make him drop his guard very quickly and focus more on courting you, rather than resisting your charms.

#19. Jealousy

You know the guy is hopelessly in love with you when he tries to provoke jealousy in you by pretending to ogle at other attractive women when he is with you.

This can be difficult for most women. Be daring enough to call his bluff and demand to know the reason for his perverse behavior.

Call off the relationship or put it on hold for a trial separation.

The shy lover is sure to throw in the towel and surrender to you.

#20. Overprotective Behavior

This you cannot miss. When you are stranded with friends after a night of partying, he is ready to drive to the other end of town and pick up you and your friends.

If you are sick or injured he is there by your bedside to attend to your needs and requirements.

Rest assured, the proposal is going to come soon. Your vulnerability is his weakness. Just don’t overdo it.

#21. The Whole World Can See

The most revealing sign is when everyone tells your – friends, associates, even strangers that he is hooked by you.

Why should you disagree?

Just reach out and take him, he will come willingly and be with you in a long relationship.

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