15 Tips on How to Ride a Man

Women are aware of the importance of orgasm during sex.

You can learn and master new techniques to please themselves and your partners in bed

When you see women riding men in videos it is clear that a little bit of skill, a lot of practice and an intimate feel of the penis sliding to and fro inside your vagina are the factors that allow you to confidently ride your man.

Here are the 15 Tips on How to Ride a Man

#1. Don’t Jump Him

Indulge in a lot of foreplay to arouse him and lubricate your vagina.

Try other sex positions and actually make him insert his penis into you to understand and register in your mind the length of his penis and the angle of thrust that he is used to, Also you need to know how far you have to thrust and withdraw without allowing his penis to slip out of your snatch.

You can also use your mouth on his shaft in the act of fellatio to actually rehearse your ride that you are going to do later.

#2. Don’t Just Lie on Him and Wiggle Your Ass

The actual ride involves a lot of front and back motion and an intense grinding of your body against him with his shaft fully inserted in your vagina.

So you need to work a little on your fitness.

The hip has to thrust back and forth and when you are grinding into him you may have to make angular, circular and sideways movements.

At times the thrust has to be slow and languorous and you should be able to speed up and give very short rapid thrusts so that you don’t slip out of him and appear to him as if you are actually bouncing on him.

You’d do well to learn some exercises to strengthen your pelvis and thighs.

The vagina has to clasp and release the shaft. That means you may have to practice the kegel exercises to strengthen your vaginal muscles.

If your vagina does not lubricate well enough you need to apply some vaginal gel to make it wet and soppy to give him extended pleasure when you are riding him.

This will keep you going for long and you will be able to reduce the friction and delay the onset of his orgasm.

Riding a man can also help you explore your multiorgasmic nature.

#3. Understand Him by Communicating With Him

Like you have your preferences, he too favors a few particular sex acts over others.

Look at his facial features, the contortions, grimaces, the lighting up of his eyes, the change of color of his skin to understand his likes and dislikes.

The taste of his kiss, the smell of his sweat, the sound of his moans and groans tell you their own stories.

What you don’t understand you can ask him and learn. Even as you use him for your pleasure do a lot of experimentation to understand what arouses him quickly and makes the erection cool off rapidly.

The untrained man is quick to reach his orgasm and can leave you hanging.

So, together you have to delay the inevitable climax and derive maximum pleasure from your senses and body that respond to the sensual play.

Your desire to please him will be reciprocated in his willingness to delay his orgasm.

If you can make him accommodate your desire for a longer, sensual lovemaking session, the woman on top will be a favored position for both.

Remember, he is wired to take the rider’s position on a submissive woman but an adventurous woman who is willing to ride him well will coax him to lie back and let her pleasure him for a longer session without him expending his energy.

Experienced males and older men indulge a sexy woman and know the heightened lust and fulfillment that can be given by a woman who knows how to satisfy herself.

So, every sexual experience with you should encourage your man to address your sexual needs and wants so that your erotic journey becomes more lusty and adventurous.

#4. The Effect of Smell

The women are blessed in that their olfactory faculties are more sensitive than men.

She knows when she is not smelling nice. A sexy woman knows the power of a fresh, refreshing smell that can bowl over a man.

Inexperienced, good looking, fit women have allowed handsome men to slip out of their lives because they have not understood the need for improvement in their personal hygiene.

The choice of strong or cheap perfume can be overbearing for her sexual partner.

Negligence of oral health can result in the bad breath which can spell disaster when you expect to be allowed to ride him and extend the sex play.

In the woman on top position, if you wear a perfume favored by him and a mouth that is smelling fresh and good, the ride will be thoroughly enjoyed by him.

It’s not just moving back and forth or grinding that is enough but a good smell that mixes with your sweat can make him go crazy for you and he will come back for more.

You will be nuzzling up to him, biting him, kissing him, licking him and a sweet smelling mouth or hair or skin will only make his penis grow stronger inside your vagina.

The stale smell of sweat, foul smell from your unwashed mouth or hair can make you feel his loss of erection very quickly. His disinterest in you may never be communicated to you and you may be left wondering why he is trying to avoid you.

Remember, in the woman on a top position he has to exercise restraint and relinquish his control over the sexual act and allow you to take charge.

That takes a lot of self-control and patience and you don’t want to test that, do you?

#5. His Fitness and Age

Your partner may not be fit and strong. He may be aging.

He may need your help in attaining a strong penile erection.

A blow job may not give him the pleasure of entire body contact when you are having sex with him.

It has to be understood that a rock hard penis is a prerequisite for an experienced woman to use the woman on top position to satisfy herself to the core.

You can use your pelvis, vaginal muscles, mouth, your entire body, and your hands to bring him to erection and douse his fires much later after you satiate your lust and passion for sexual release.

#6. Play Some Music

Music can be entertaining for both as he enjoys the music and stays aroused even as you mount him and ride him.

Use the music to slow him down and then it becomes easier for you to take the lead.

Most of the songs are about love and romance, so choose wisely the kind of music that will ignite him slowly and allow you to lead the way to a climax that rewards you both in equal measure.

There are chances that you may feel tired and that is when he can turn you over and drill your vagina to your heart’s content.

#7. Sexy Attire

A sheer negligee, a transparent bra that barely conceals your aroused and erect nipples, corsets if you don’t have a flat tummy will be of great help if you don’t want him to view flab.

Painted nails, wearing your heels to bed can trigger his wildest fantasies.

Your silky mane falling over his chest can be a great turn on too.

#8. Be Selfish

Remember, your pleasure is very important. After you have put in the effort to arouse him and help him stay aroused, he will not mind it if you choose to jump on top of him.

You can push his dick inside your lubricated, wet love opening and begin the thrusting and the grinding.

If you do it slowly and firmly you can reach your climax much before him and then focus on helping him reach his orgasm.

Not only will he believe that he has the prowess to last longer, but he will also be grateful to you for empowering him sexually.

Important Tips on Technique

#9. Be Confident

When you straddling him you can’t show him that you are not sure of what you are doing.

You have to sit on the saddle, so to say, and look him in the eye with a sexy smile.

Do not place your hands on his chest to support your weight if he is small built.

You can rest your hands on the sides or under his armpits or shoulders.

#10. The Position of Your Partner

If he is lying flat on his back, you may have to place a pillow under his pelvis, to raise his waist a little to let you mount him at an angle which is convenient for both.

The erect penis will point upwards at an angle along his body and maybe tilting right or left.

So you have to support yourself on your hands as you lean forward towards his chest and face.

Once you get that right you will have to lower yourself onto his erection, let his penis head brush against your vaginal opening so that you can ease his hard penis into your wet vagina with the help of one hand, even as you lower your self upon his manhood.

This manoeuvre requires a little bit of practice as you will from this position, go up and down the length of his penis, taking care not to allow it to slide out when you are in the thick of the action.

#11. The Walk

Once you take a position on top of him, you lean forward towards his face and chest and create a great angle.

Now, reach behind you and position his penis into your vaginal opening.

Now move back and forth a bit to allow the penis to enter your vagina and then increase your backward movement to take in more of his shaft.

Move forward a little and slide back onto his penis a little more.

So you are actually stuffing your vagina with his swollen penis head rubbing your opening and sliding in, withdrawing a little and thrusting more deeply into your warm and moist vagina.

Slowly you start the stroke as you begin in to tuck and roll your lower hips to feel the penis sliding in deeper and deeper with every thrust till you feel the entire penis embedded deep within you.

#12. Roll Your Booty

Once you start stroking evenly you can start rolling first. Rolling is the to and fro movement along the horizontal body.

You will feel the penis slide to and fro.

In the beginning, the movements have to very short and then you can lengthen your roll so that you move back and forth the entire length of his shaft, just don’t let the penis pop out.

This you will master with practice.

As you gain experience you will be able to do it leaning forward, sitting perpendicular or leaning backward.

Your partner will savor the variations and the resultant bursts of ecstasy and pleasure.

#13. Bounce Your Booty

This is a variation of the roll and comes naturally as you practice. To bounce you raise your hips up and down upon the penis at a vertical angle.

In this, the penis feels pressure from the top and the head of the penis is stimulated as are the nerve endings in the vaginal mouth.

When you do it right, your partner will thrust upwards to meet your downward thrust and you will stimulate each other more.

In doing this, you are moving your hips and hips alone. Remember to never lower your entire body weight on the penis.

The penis is not designed to withstand your weight and it may result in a painful break which is difficult, if not impossible to repair medically.

Don’t move the entire body back and forth or up and down, the poor guy beneath you will desperately attempt to bail out immediately.

#14. The Grind

This is the more deliberate version of the roll.

You go forward with your hips and press down fully at an angle, pull back and grind again.

The partner will want to grab your buttocks and try to lift off in an upward thrust and both of you will feel the intensity building up towards a climax.

This is a teaser move and will tempt you to go over the edge but the experienced woman will go back and resume the roll and bounce to reduce the intensity and prolong the encounter.

#15. The Twerk

The twerk is the sideways movement of the hips with the penis inserted partially inside of you.

This is done with both feet planted flat on the sides and the body hovering over the man with his penis partially or wholly inserted inside the woman.

This move definitely needs a lot of practice and fitness in your legs, thighs, and hips.

You will be exerting yourself and the sweat will begin to pour as you feel the knob of the penis rubbing deliciously on the side walls of your vaginal opening.

Again, one has to be fit enough to hover and twerk with your hips alone.

A stiff body will not allow you to ride a man and carry out these skillful movements of your hips.

The hip movement has to be isolated from the entire body movement.

A fully clothed Tyomi Morgan, a sex expert, in a daring video practically demonstrates the art of riding a man.

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